Want to buy armor or metalworking projects crafted by David Guyton? It's now possible! Only a few designs are available to order at this time, and are shown below. More designs will be available soon. there is a one month wait time for completion, (6 weeks for Infinity Gauntlet) sometimes more. Shipping is free to the lower 48 States. Shipping outside of the United States depends on weight of completed item. Prices are non-negotiable. Signed in inconspicuous location.

Email d@davidjguyton.com to order.

Another option available to you is to join the Armor Templates Commissions group on Facebook where you can have other talented armorers build you anything you want!




Infinity Gauntlet

Left hand only, 20ga or 18ga brass. Huge, but sized for human-size hands so it's wearable. 18" total length Gems light up. Massive 7 lbs. in weight.



Rocketeer Jetpack

Cirrus X3 replica from the movie The Rocketeer. 20ga steel with some 1/8" steel plate parts. Clearcoated with 2K automotive paint to protect against rust. Includes harness.



Bionic Arm

Left or right arm. 20, 18, or 16 gauge steel or EVA foam. With or without custom paint and weathering.

$399.99 (foam)

$1,799.99 (steel)